Vertical-alignment for TextFields – ActionScript 3.0

Vertical-alignment for textfields in ActionScript 3.0 is useful for aligning textfields to images, other UI elements in a flash app, and more! As many of you may know, Adobe introduced TLF Text along with Flash Player 10. If you are working with general consumer projects, however, chances are you are targeting Flash Player 9 as a minimum.
Before TLF TextFields, there was no direct way to vertically align TextFields.

That being said, you can easily accomplish this by using the TextLineMetrics object, or more directly, TextField‘s getLineMetrics().

TextLineMetrics allows us to access basic values for any typeface, such as ascent, descent, leading, width and height. Using ascent, we can determine a TextField’s baseline Y position.

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Conditional includes in ActionScript 3.0

This morning I have looked for a way to include another .as file depending on a variable. ActionScript 3’s include does not allow you to use variables, as it only accepts string literals.

The reasoning for this is that include is fired on compile time, so any variables are not set, determined, or even defined yet.

The Solution

Reading an article, I came across the solution — Config Constants. These are defined in your ActionScript 3.0 settings (File > ActionScript Settings > Config Constants ). Here you can define compile-time constants, and have functionality depend on them.
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