Secure-Shell (SSH) Reference Sheet – Database

This is the continuation of my Secure-Shell Reference Sheet – Basic.

Note: Anything surrounded by *asterisks* is where your input is required.

Accessing a Database

{code}mysql -u *username* -p *password* -h *hostname* *database*{/code}
This will log in directly

{code}mysql -u *username* -h *hostname* *database*{/code}
This will prompt you for the database user’s password

Export a database using gzip

{code}mysqldump -u *username* -p *password* -h *hostname* *database* | gzip > *database*.sql.gz{/code}

Import a database using gzip

{code}gzip -d < *database*.sql.gz | mysql -u *username* -p *password* -h *hostname* *database*{/code}

If you have any other commands you wish me to include, leave a comment below!