Subdomain Multisites for WordPress – and sub-subdomain multisites

Subdomain multisites are a great way to break up a WordPress multisite. I personally think it looks much cleaner, and separate. vs

The former(subdomain multisite) looks like a section or portion of the domain, while the latter(subfolder multisite) looks as though you are just sitting within a folder – not as professional!

The setup is actually quite simple to accomplish this. All you need to do is log into your hosting cPanel (or hosting provider equivalent) and locate where you can manage your subdomains. I use JustHost and have never regretted choosing them! Anyways, they use cPanel, so the image below is a screenshot from within cPanel.

Wildcard subdomains for subdomain multisites

It’s a pretty painless process. Once you locate your Subdomains, add the * subdomain. Then set the Home folder to the proper location (most likely /public_html/).

Wildcard Subdomain


This wildcard process also works for sub-subdomains as well! It’s a pretty edge-case scenario, but I ran into it (today in fact) when setting up a WP multi-site on a development server (where we use subdomains for each project).

From what I can tell (referenced in this post) wildcard subdomains on a domain level ( will also support sub-subdomain wildcards ( Thanks to Andrea Rennick for providing this answer!